What are Propositions 116 and 117?

A permanent tax cut for the wealthy and a backdoor attempt to get us to cover the bills for big businesses.

It’s more money for them – and less for Colorado schools, roads, and healthcare.

Proposition 116 is a permanent income tax cut and more than half the benefit goes to the wealthiest 3%, while the average Coloradan gets $37 a year. And if you lost your job because of the pandemic, even less. Proposition 117 is confusing and full of unintended consequences. It claims to want voters to approve “enterprises” for certain services. The reality is it would put taxpayers on the hook for fees corporations should be paying for the services they use.

Who benefits from Propositions 116 and 117?

Big businesses and the wealthy, not Colorado families.

These measures were designed to force cuts to K-12 education, public colleges and universities, transportation and healthcare.

In the middle of a pandemic and an economic recession, Proposition 116 and 117 will damage Colorado’s path to economic recovery. We can’t afford more cuts that will leave teachers, doctors and nurses helpless in the middle of a pandemic.

What will Propositions 116 and 117 mean for Colorado?

It will mean immediate cuts to our schools, healthcare and roads. And we’ll get stuck with the bill.

As families across Colorado are struggling with the COVID-19 crisis and economic challenges brought on by the virus, Proposition 116 and 117 will make it all much harder.

Propositions 116 and 117 promises to help everyone, but the truth is: it’s a permanent tax cut for the wealthy and a backdoor attempt to get you to cover the bills for big businesses.

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